Jeannie's Inc.

What THE RED COLLECTION is all about

Welcome to “The Red Collection”. The Red Collection, a collective network of non-profits, sponsors, businesses, and donors coming together in cooperation to build a new way of giving.

The Red Collection Networking System, not only an online funding resource platform for fundraisers. The Red Collection provides a new avenues for non-profits, crowd raising, vendors, sponsors, e-mail marketing, printed advertising, online marketing, and grass root events, and businesses to have business growth opportunities with social media. With our affiliates, sponsors, and vendors, we have the necessary resources to manage fundraisers online, marketing media, and social media. The Red Collection gives our donors, and members, peace of mind in giving, also the access, the experience, and the convenience of online daily shopping with wholesale and discount pricing.

The Red Collection is a subsidiary of “Jeannie’s Inc. which headquartered in Georgia. Our reputation has been built on trust and satisfaction since 2007.